Tuesday, October 21, 2008

cute girl emoticons

Free Animated Emoticons: Cutie Girls

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More Kitty Emoticons at http://www.myem0.com/

Emoticons tip of the day.

When you use Emoticons in your chatting windows, make sure your coding, which willl replace by your emoticons do not make the reader confuse. For example, if you make a code go with one running cartoon emotions, when you type the word go it will show the men running emoticions. However, when you type the word good, it will also show the men running emoticons and the rest two characters "OD". If it happens too much, it can really annoyed your friends or the readers. Use emoticons wisely.......

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kitty Emoticons

More Free Animated Emoticons: Kitty

More Emoticons at http://www.myem0.com

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More Kitty Emoticons at http://www.myem0.com/

Emoticons Tips of the day: Sensitive Emoticons

Be careful, your favorite emoticons maybe intolerable for someone. your favorite picture may make someone mad. It could happen and it did happen before.

In the internet world, you are welcome to all new people around the world all the time. People from different culture and different background. Let's give you a soft example, If you keep showing pig emoticons to represent something fat. It might be funny for you or your friends but it may totally be sensitive for someone who are already have a high weight. Remember, use Emoticons wisely.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

MSN Emoticons

Good Places you can download free MSN Emoticons

Below is the set of free animated emoticons for msn you can download.

All Emoticons -- Msn Emoticons for emails and instant messaging
My Emoticons -- Smiley msn Emoticons
Alien Emoticons -- Simple emoticons for an msn message
Animated Emoticons -- If you need full emoticons from this website you need to be a member.
MSN4U -- hundreds of emoticons for you to choose
Addemoticons -- Fun and Free Animated Emoticons for your msn
Emoticonstaller -- Emoticon Installer.
MSN-Org -- MSN Organization. Free download and news about emoticons