Friday, September 26, 2008

West and East Emoticons

Western and Asian Style Emoticons

Before today emoticons in the graphical form, or we call animate emoticons, we use emoticons in a basic style that writer or communicator can create by themselve. You don't have to download free animated emoticons from any websites.

The simple emoticons were first created by Western people, which are different that today style that popularize by Asian or we can call them "Asian Emoticons style." The emoticons from Western are in the format that you have turn your face to the left because they were written from left to right. The eyes will be on the left, then nose and mouth respectively.

See example of Western Emoticons Style.

:-) --- Smiling
:-( -- Sad
B- Man with Glasses

On the other hand, Asian created more understandable emoticons in the "Top Down Style." It is getting more popular and use widespread before the free animated emoticons come to replace them nowaday.

Example of Asian Emoticons Style.

d^_^b -- Listen to music
^-^ -- Siimple smiling
T-T -- Crying

There are thousands of way to create cool emoticons. Go check out below link for common emoticons